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           XinxiangBaihe O.E Co.,Ltd  located in Economic DevelopmentZone, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, is the innovative and high-tech enterprisewhich is engaged in optical des......
    2020 SPIE 2020 SPIE Welcome to visit us at Photonics West in... +MORE
    • UV-LED Collimate light source (12’’)
    • Optical Color Filters
    • Prisms
    • Beamsplitter Cube
    • Lens
    • Optical bandpass filter
    • Fly Eye Lens Array
    • ITO conductive glass
    • Protective window
    • Ellipse reflector
    • Solar simulator
    • Collimate UV Light Source
    • UV-LED light source for LCD
    • Multi-wavelengths UV-LED Light source for DMD
    • UV-LED Light source for PCB
    • UV-LED Light source for FPC
    • UV-LED Light source for Mask alinger
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